Chairman's welcome

I believe Australians are real innovators. We are young and we are competitive - you can see that from our results on the sporting field. It is true that until recently a lot of clever Australasian software companies lacked the business skills to bring their product to market, but this has changed.

Today, at an ever increasing rate we are seeing business leaders returning to Australasia and more and more companies are competing globally.

More Australasian ICT companies are focusing on exports. Australasia has a truly sustainable competitive advantage in R&D, the country is highly innovative, motivated, has the lowest cost base of any English speaking countries and is well supported by government policy.

Smarter Capital was formed to capitalise on this opportunity. We provide a unique profile of investor friendly capital and talent combined with decades of truly successful experience in building world markets. We will actively partner and collaborate with industry, financial investors and talented executives to create significant value.

We encourage you to join us on our journey and help us spawn the next generation of Australasian technology companies and innovators.

Yours sincerely,

Stephen Killelea
Smarter Capital Pty Ltd