Our Vision

Smarter Capital is keen to spawn the next generation of technology companies and innovators.

Smarter Capital collaborates with executives, mentors, other financial investors and industry particpants to create significant value. We are keen to understand the unique value that each person or organisation could offer early stage technology companies.

Each company has different needs over its life cycle. Common requirements include managing cash flow, anticipating funding requirements and determining market strategy. Broader needs include sales, marketing, capital raising, customer contracts, distribution agreements and trade sales. People may be involved in these companies as a mentor, advisory board member, director or full-time executive.

Smarter Capital seeks to:
  • build a portfolio of world class international technology businesses;
  • invest in early and late stage technology companies and spawn the next generation of international technology companies;
  • be part of a network of organisations and executives involved in systematically commercialising innovation and building international companies;
  • maximise probability of success of each company by pursuing organic growth over a longer period;
  • encourage our portfolio companies to understand their market, build scalable, profitable business models and pursue international markets;
  • leverage the knowledge, infrastructure and technology of portfolio companies, mature technology companies and other known companies for the benefit of all in the cluster;
  • actively co-invest with other venture capitalists and industry players;
  • explore opportunities to collaborate, share knowledge and increase interest in private equity and the technology sector.