What we offer

Smarter Capital offers finance combined with technology industry experience. Our market knowledge and investment banking capabilities provide a platform to focus on building a portfolio of international businesses.

Smarter Capital has the following key attributes:
  • finance available: Our typical initial investment amount is A$250k - $1million.
  • technology experience: one of Australia's leading technology entrepreneurs and an experienced technology investment developer;
  • deep market knowledge of the Australian and global technology sector. Significant knowledge of financial markets and international software businesses;
  • investment banking capability - the skills to guide our investments through successive capital raisings, Initial Public Offering, merger, trade sale or alliance negotiations;
  • network of industry executives: a network of industry executives and freelancers to provide guidance and operational support;
  • professional - we are committed to the highest level of professional conduct in our business activities;
  • focussed on building business value over 3 to 7 years;
  • committed to organic growth - focussed on organic growth
  • entrepreneurial spirit: we will actively partner with other investors, share our knowledge and inject an entrepreneurial spirit into our investments;
  • focus on building a portfolio of international businesses.